Finance Minister Michael Noonan announces DNMs Global Expansion in Toronto

DNM Analytics Strategically Chose Toronto for the Expansion of Business into the North American Market

TORONTO (March 14, 2014) – DNM Analytics, an Irish consulting services company, is expanding its global operations with the opening of the first North American office in Toronto with investment of $1.8 million.

panal 1DNM Analytics, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, has established a reputable international presence in providing data management and customized business analytics services to public and private institutions over the past 14 years. With a diverse team of 65 highly skilled and dedicated professionals, the company provides cost effective solutions across varied industries including telecommunications, pharmaceutical, financial services, public utilities and manufacturing entities globally.

Over the next 12 months, DNM is hiring 10 new Canadian employees; expanding to 27 over the next three years.

DNM has chosen Toronto for its competitive cost advantages, access to Canada’s talented workforce and for its strategic location as a global business hub. Toronto enjoys greater market proximity than any other North American city. Located within 90 minutes of New York, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, Toronto is an ideal place to headquarter North American operations.

“I am delighted to see DNM Analytics embarking on an international expansion,” said Michael Noonan, Minister For Finance, Ireland. “Given their success and known pedigree in Ireland I am sure that their investment in Canada will be worthwhile and of benefit to both Ireland and our friends here in Toronto.”

“Due to the increased international demand to support our global customers in big data analytics, we needed to find a location outside of Europe,” said David Quirke, CEO, DNM Analytics. “Toronto offers great access to all of North America, while also being a very buoyant market with exceptional opportunities. Toronto was selected over London, due to the industrial diversity of Canada, and the expanding demand for data analytics and data management. We are committed to building a regional business staffed by Canadians and have been extremely impressed by the depth of skilled resources in Canada.”

About DNM Analytics

DNM Analytics is a consultancy services company delivering enterprise data solutions in business intelligence, business analytics and data services across the globe. As a professional services company DNM specialize in enabling customers to transform their business through innovation, by building and guiding the pervasive use of analytics within their organization. Our core philosophy is about finding the best solution for our customers, unlocking value in their current IT investment, developing a future data vision and roadmap, and providing an end-to-end solution to meet their organizational needs. Our mission is to provide a real benefit to our customers.

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